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Manifesto in favor of a Museum of America in the province of Huelva, Spain

Forms for the support of the Manifesto

Huelva has had a longstanding relationship with America. The Columbus sites in Huelva Province -La Rabida Monastery, in particular- played a fundamental role in the voyages of Christopher Columbus and the development of America. During the nineteenth century, American essayist Washington Irving regaled readers with tales and descriptions of this Andalusian province’s charms and importance. In 1929, American sculptor Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney unveiled the iconic stone Monumento a Colón, which has become the symbol of Huelva. This history distinguishes Huelva’s character, as well as its role as the Spanish province that identifies most closely with America. Today, this spirit lives on in a variety of cultural, sports and academic institutions, including the Ibero-American Headquarters of the International University of Andalusia in La Rábida, Ibero-American Film Festival, Ibero-American Stadium "Emilio Martín," Real Sociedad Colombina Huelva, Huelva-New York Association and many others.

In 1928, recognizing Huelva’s significance for their own history, American citizens made a considerable financial contribution to this province, for the creation of a Museum of America there. These funds were raised through a subscription -similar to the one that provided support for the Statue of Liberty- and presented by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney to the Spanish government. The Museum would exhibit a range of American art, to promote the understanding and appreciation of cultural links between Europeans and Americans, and the enjoyment of the arts and the values ​​they manifest.

Now is the time to reconsider this powerful legacy, and its potential for increased tourism. Huelva has profound cultural and natural resources that make it an ideal draw for visitors. Its new train station provides an essential springboard for the exploration of Huelva; a Museum of America, designed by a preeminent architect, and with innovative programs, would add considerably to this cultural landscape. It would provide key context and a greater appreciation of the ties between Huelva and the United States for citizens and a global audience. This museum would become the cosmopolitan, creative hub for Spain’s Atlantic coast, an essential component in the economic revitalization, urban transformation and civic dynamism of Huelva.

Having read this, I support the following manifesto of the Huelva-New York Association:

We urge public administrations to undertake the required procedures to create a Museum of America in the province of Huelva, where our historic and cultural links can be effectively promoted and developed.


Sign the Manifesto in favor of the Museum of America:

Please, send the signed Manifesto to the address: